Manakin Fire Station In Need of Repair

GOOCHLAND – Manakin Fire Station is falling apart around its volunteer crews and they need help to get it fixed.

Last week's rain storm came right through the roof at the fire station, creating the latest set of problems for Chief Parker Coughlin

For months, volunteers have seen mold grow in the attic and have had to run buckets around the building whenever it rains.

“It actually came in through the insulation,” Coughlin says. “So we had to remove the drywall. It came onto one of the bunk beds.”

When firefighters make their beds, they have to take an extra step by adding a layer of plastic in case any more leaks open up over the bed.

Coughlin says it will cost $40,000 to replace the roof – a number that the volunteers have to come up with.

“I think it's a misconception that the county owns the buildings,” Coughlin says. “It is like that in places like Henrico, Chesterfield, Those kind of areas. Out here in Goochland County, the volunteers are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of it.”

The station has had success with recent fundraisers, but it would like to spend the money on more resources to keep you safe.

“Where we could be putting it towards equipment, upgrades, that kind of stuff; sending people off for additional training,” he says. “We've had to spend money on the actual roof itself.”

The chief say they plan on getting the roof fixed in the certain spots and if anyone wants to donate money or supplies, they're very thankful.



Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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