Inside Colonial Heights’ New Courthouse

Heights City Manager Tom Mattis took 8News inside the brand new 57,000 square
foot courthouse, that he says has been in the works for nearly 10 years.

“Our goal was to set out
to build one of the nicest public building we have ever had in Colonial Heights
but now we're satisfied that this is the best building that's ever been built
in Colonial heights,” he says.

From being energy
efficient, to having some of the latest technology, this courthouse is one
Mattis says the city can be proud of.

real proud of the many firsts that this building will represent for this
community and that is why we want to show it off.”

And show it off they will.

“Once were in operation
from a security an confidentiality stand point there won't be opportunities to
see the entire building like you will be able to see tomorrow.”

The open house will
provide residents an opportunity to see parts of the courthouse that hopefully
you will never have to see again – one of those being the holding cells.”

The project has been 10
years in the making, and under construction for two years.

Brian Copple with Public
Works helped in the design of the building, but says he is still always
impressed to see it in person.

“It will be a great
opportunity for folks to just come out and see parts of a courthouse that they
have never experienced before,” he says. “Kids can come and pretend they are
the judge and the kids can pretend they are a detained inmate if the wish.”

And even after Tuesday
when the courthouse is officially open for business, City officials hope this
site will be something that is admired for generations to come.

“We intend to provide
the best quality service that we can to try and match the beauty of this
building,” says Sheriff Todd Wilson.

“It's not only a building
that will serve out needs from a business standpoint,” Mattis says. “But I
think it is really going to serve as a landmark location for generations of
Colonial Heights residents to come.”


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