Georgetown Coach Resigns after Controversial Exchanges with Team Surface

GEORGETOWN – The Georgetown Women's Basketball Coach has resigned after audio tapes of controversial exchanges with team members surfaced.

“You're a grown ***** woman and you done been through this s**t up and down a hundred times over.  Your solution to the problem is not to get frustrated and hit a ****ing wall and **** your *** up so we ain't got no *** because that **** is stupid.  So that comes under Keith Brown's see I have my own vocabulary if you didn't notice.  You're a dumb ****.” 

Sources say he singled out another player for not getting along with teammates.

“You're being defiant just to be defiant.  Am I, am I, am I correct?”


“So, in other words, now that was a Georgetown term.  So now I'm going to translate to you for the Keith Brown ****.  So you ****ing with me just to **** with me.  Is that what it is? Because if you being defiant just to be defiant you ****ing with me.  So you ****ing with me.  See that's how I see it.  See I'm from the hood.  An educated ****er from the hood.”

Soon after those clips were played for a Georgetown official, brown resigned.

Now, former Hoyas who played under Brown are out, but asked not to be named.

“Yeah, I've been called dumb like a dumb “F” or a dumb “M-F-er.”

They say Brown's insulting words drove players to leave the program, while some who remained ended up demoralized.

“At the end of the day words hurt especially from people that you consider your family.  We're 1000 miles away from home.  This is supposed to be our family.  These are the people who are supposed to uplift us.  And it was abuse.  It was a type of abuse.  It's a mental abuse.”

“I do think that a lot of coaches are really hard on their players.  However, there's a line that can be crossed and I think that line was crossed.”

Jake Wald with the positive coaching alliance also listened to the recording.

His organization is a national leader in efforts to change the culture of coaching so sports doesn't tear down character, it builds it.

“If you imagine a chemistry professor at Georgetown speaking the same way how would that change your mind about this whole situation, I think they would be run out of the university right away.”

And a former player, who at one time greatly admired coach brown, makes clear her feelings.

“Unless he makes a major life change I don't think that he should be coaching women's basketball anywhere in the country.”

Georgetown reacted by saying “that behavior does not meet expectations and standards for the university and its leaders.  It's inconsistent with our values and has no place in our community.”


Sources say the players on the team who supported coach brown are taking this hard. They believe that his coaching style was inspiring, motivating and is the norm in Division 1 athletics.

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