State Democrats Trying to Stop Virginia from Purging Thousands from State Voter Rolls

is the Chesterfield County Registrar. Two weeks ago, he said that registrars
all across the state had received a list of voters that the State Board of
Elections says should not be able to vote in Virginia.

He has said he will not
remove the voters before the November election.

Now the Democratic Party
of Virginia is suing the State Board of Elections to make sure all registrars
do the same.

They didn't stop there;
they also named Republican candidate for Governor Ken Cuccinelli as a

The State Board of
Elections says Ken Cuccinelli is not an election official. Their website, which
lists 3 board members – Charlie Judd, Kimberly Bowers and Don Palmer.

The Office of the Attorney
General sent a statement saying “suing the Attorney General is a shameless
stunt to make it appear as if he has done something wrong, as they know he is
clearly not an appropriate party to the lawsuit. It's also an outright lie to
say the AG was involved in the ‘purge.'”


Copyright 2013 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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