Thieves Stealing Inspection Stickers from Auto Body Shops

ASHLAND – Dangerous vehicles that shouldn't even be on the road are being driven around with stolen inspection stickers.

Investigators say thieves are targeting area businesses, looking to steal the stickers in bulk.

Kay Patrick's spending way to much time and money making repairs, not to the cars in his body shop, but rather to his business itself.

This year alone thieves have broken in three times, smashing windows, breaking open doors and squeezing through bars to steal inspection stickers.

It's a growing problem across the area as body shops keep inspection stickers by the bulk.

Ashland auto repair has also been broken into three times this year.

With stickers being swiped by the in bulk from shops, there are hundreds of cars are on the road that aren't safe and that according to police poses a threat to you.

“They are not going to fix themselves,” says Officer Chip Watts. “The vehicles will get worse. They go to stop and they have an accident… they rear end somebody… their lights aren't working… any one of these things cause a traffic collision or an accident and can possible hurt somebody.”

Ashland police are working with the shops in the area to beef up security. They warn those that are caught with a stolen inspection sticker can face 12 months of jail time.



Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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