Gas Stations Run Out of Fuel

(WRIC) – Several area gas stations ran out of gas recently, leaving customers
with empty tanks to look elsewhere to get a fill up.

The news
of gas stations running low left some motorist concerned.

Meade with AAA Atlantic says the news of isolated gas stations running out of
gas should not cause a panic.

the first thing to understand, there is no reason for alarm, there is no gas
shortage, everyone should be able to get gas.”

says panicking could actually make things worse.

really encourages consumers not to panic, because if everyone rushes to the gas
station to buy gas in panic mode, that in itself could create a shortage.”

All the
gas stations who were out say they have since received gasoline.

And other
gas stations say they are keeping their fingers crossed they won't run into the
same issue.

AAA says there
are several reasons for the shortage.

But the
main reason according to Meade is the switch from the warmer weather to the
colder weather that is expected.

are switching from summer blends of gasoline to their winter blends. They drain
their tank, reformulate their gas, and fill them back up. That is always going
to cause a little bit of a drop in supply.”


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting
of Richmond

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