Richmond Gas Prices Down Under $3

RICHMOND – It's been a long time, but gas prices are finally down.

The average in Richmond right now is $3.09 a gallon for regular, unleaded
but some stations are much lower than that – $2.97 in some places and $2.99 in

It provides a much-needed break for volunteers, giving up their time and gas

Hal Costley has been a volunteer with the shepherd's center of Richmond for
the past few years.

Each week he takes seniors who no longer drive to doctor's appointments and
to the grocery store.

It's a free service and lower prices at the pump help volunteer drivers.

“It's obviously nicer on our own individual wallets,” he says.

The Shepherd's Center serves 21 zip codes throughout the Richmond region
with volunteers logging around 1,300 round-trips every year.

Personal services coordinator Julie Adams-Buchanan says distance is taken
into consideration to keep costs down for volunteers and when prices drop on
their own, it's a win-win.

“It is definitely easier to get new volunteers when gas prices aren't
so high because they aren't going to say ‘oh my gosh i have to spend so much
money to help out,' so it is nice,” she says.

Adams-Buchanan says extra manpower will help keep up with the growing need
in the community and hopefully this will be incentive for more people to sign

“They don't get any compensation,” she says. “They're doing it out of
the kindness of their heart, donating their time and car and gas money so it
benefits them greatly when they don't have to pay as much.”

The last time prices at the pump were this low was in December 2012.

To find the cheapest fill-up, go to


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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