Pastors Rally Against Va. Same Sex Benefits

RICHMOND – A controversial proposal to allow
same sex couples working for Richmond to have benefits has pastors speaking out.

Pastor Daryl Husband is
joining pastors from across the city in opposition to this city council
proposal, introduced in July that would give the same benefits enjoyed by
spouses of city employees in traditional marriages, to those in same sex

The pastors say the
protest has nothing to do with denying benefits, but with protecting marriage.

“This is not an issue
about politics,” he says. “This is an issue about morality.”

“Marriage is about the
children,” says Bishop Leon Benjamin. “Children deserve whenever possible both
a mother and a father.”

Bill Harrison with the Richmond
Gay Community Foundation says the ordinance is about civil rights.

“A lot of heterosexual
people never have children, I don't hear anyone condemning their marriage,” he
says. “We are together because we love each other, we did not choose our sexual
orientations or our gender identities any more than anyone has chosen the color
of their skin.”

If the ordinance were to
pass, it would go against state law and the general assembly would have to
adopt legislation that would allow the ordinance to go into effect.


Copyright 2013 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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