Local Registrars Could Drop Voters from the Rolls

is the General Registrar for the state's fourth largest voting district,
Chesterfield County.

He says for the first time
ever the State Board of Elections compared voter lists with other states to
identify voters who may be registered elsewhere.

“Out of that came a
list of names that were found in some other states and it was pushed out to the
localities to deal with,” he says.

In Chesterfield alone more
than 2,000 names were on the list with close to 200 that Haake says didn't

Chesterfield decided to
take no action with the list until after the November election, but he says the
same is not true for other localities.

“It's already happened. There
are localities that they canceled and the voter was living in their locality.
That's already happened,” Haake says.

The State Board of
Elections sent to 8News what they called a Rumor Buster Crosscheck.

In the document, it says they
told the General Registrars to carefully review all data provided to ensure any
cancellations are done properly and based on accurate information.

At least one Registrar
says that's not how he understood the list.


“State Board was
authorized to do this,” he says. “They did it and presented it to us as if it
was a tested, proven system and it's not.”


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