Rear View Cameras Becoming Standard on New Cars

Every time someone gets in a car and puts the gear in reverse and back up, blind spots are ignored.

A federal government decision recommends rear-view cameras in all new cars. The goal is to make the entire back area visible.

One mother says if this device was standard, it would have saved her daughter's life.

After her daughter was accidentally backed over in 2006, Meredyth Bryant created Annabelle's Angels, an organization aimed at spreading awareness on these kinds of accidents.

Although, the government has decided to make rear-view cameras only a recommended feature, Bryant says it's a step in the right direction.

“I'm really excited we're getting more exposure with things,” she says. “I think the more they show it on TV, how far the blind spots are on vehicles it's a common accident that happens more than we all think.

Bryant has rear-view cameras on all of her vehicles.

“They've made a big difference in just getting out there,” she says. “The more and more people that I talk to say because I've heard of this one story. I had a close call. I knew to look.”

Bryant says she is still spreading the word, and she continues to drive up to Washington DC addressing her concerns to lawmakers.

Her goal – like other safety advocates – is to make rear-view cameras a requirement in all vehicles.

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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