Richmond Failing Schools to be Supervised by State

RICHMOND – Fred Thompson Middle
School is one of five schools that will be supervised by the state, locally
Richmond has more schools that will be supervised because of this new law than
any other locality.

It's part of Governor
Mcdonnell's landmark education agenda, giving the state the ability to take
over failing schools.

On Friday, the state
released its accreditation report on which schools the state will start to
oversee – including five schools in Richmond.

But some school officials
think the state may be overstepping its boundaries.

Richmond School Board member
Kim Gray says the school board isn't happy with the report.

“I don't believe it's
constitutional, I don't believe it's going to hold up in court,” she says.

But she doesn't think a
state takeover is the answer, as she says local school boards know their
communities best.

“It's more than
disappointing and I'm here to say that we haven't done our job as a school
district. We're at a turning point right now, we're making some tough decisions
and we know what it takes.

Several school districts
and the Virginia School Boards Association are challenging the law.

The Governor's office had the
following statement:

“The General Assembly made
the policy decision last session that a means of last resort must be
implemented to ensure every Virginia student receives the high quality
education they deserve. If some want to sue to keep children in failing
schools, that's incredibly disappointing. Virginia's parents and students
deserve far better.”


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