Overgrown Grass at Libby HIll Park Concerning Residents

RICHMOND – A long flight of stairs at Libby Hill Park in Richmond's Church Hill neighborhood is a popular spot for people to run up and down to get a good workout.

Jeff Hanna is one of several residents fed up with the high grass – which to many is an eyesore.

“I work with a bunch of guys, we come out here quite a bit so it would be nice if it were a little bit cleaned up,” he says. “If my yard looked like this – I would imagine I'd hear from the City.”

According to the city ordinance for weeds and other vegetation: “It shall be a misdemeanor for any person who owns or occupies property within the city to permit any grass, plant, bushes, weeds or any other vegetation 12 inches high or over.”

“Yeah, we'd been fined,” says Richmond resident Andre Perkins. “I feel if we would be fined for having tall grass, then the City should hold their end of their bargain.”

There are parts of Libby Hill Park that have been maintained properly by the city, but some portions have been neglected.

Resident Barbara Munjas has lived in the neighborhood since 1972. When asked if the grass has always been a problem, she said no.

“It's been up and down though. This is not a new problem.”


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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