Parents Concerned Over Insulin Knowledge by School Staff

CHESTERFIELD – 8News first talked to Greg Waehner at the end of last school year. He and his wife took their diabetic daughter Lily out of Swift Creek Elementary School after concerned school staff didn't know how to properly administer Lily's medication.

This year they were assured staff had been properly trained.

Catherine Martin says two days this week, Lily was either given too much insulin or not enough, making her blood sugar level way too high, and way too low.

“This is so terrifying and what happened yesterday and the day before was the worst nightmare come true,” she says. “We live knowing that our daughter could die in less than two hours on any given day.”

Catherine and Greg say despite repeated requests they haven't received anything showing what type of training staff administering insulin have gone through. 8News contacted Chesterfield Schools for answers, they sent this statement:

“The school division is unable to share with the media health-related information regarding any student. Anytime a parent raises a concern we always work directly with the parent.”

But Lily's parents say that hasn't been the case, and other parents say they've had similar problems, saying they're not just fighting for lily, but all diabetic kids.

“And that's been our goal the whole time is a safe environment for our daughter and ultimately all the other children in the school who have similar needs. She's suffered enough and this has been entirely unnecessary, entirely unnecessary. “


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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