K-9 Member Awarded Purple Hearts

Yeager wasn't always Marine Sgt. David Tupper's best friend, but they share an unbreakable bond.

It was formed before they met, when Yeager was on a third tour of duty as a Marine bomb sniffer with Lance Corporal Abraham Tarwoe, in Afghanistan.

“He and his handler were out suspecting an IED so his handler had him pushing out to sweep and smell at that time,” he says. “His handler struck an IED and was killed in action and Yeager also received shrapnel from it.”

Yeager's dedication at Corporal Tarwoe's memorial is legendary.

They've since pulled the shrapnel from Yeager's chest, but it still pushes through the skin on his nose sometimes. He also lost part of an ear.

Now, as Tupper recovers from his own wounds at McGuire Veterans Medical Center, he has the most understanding friend you could hope for, an uncommonly loyal brother in arms.

“Those dogs aren't just equipment for us, they're actually one of our Marines, they're one of us.

Yeager doesn't just help David get around, he helps him get along.

“On a day to day It's just neat to have someone who served with you, and I talk to him.”

And that comfort is as strong as any medicine David gets from a doctor.

“It's pretty neat to now have him and be with him. He goes everywhere with me.”


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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