Woman Rescues Dog Trapped in Hot Car

RICHMOND – On Thursday afternoon, Katy
Best says she saw a one-year-old pitbull and another dog locked in a car and
immediately took action.

“I broke into the car and
rescued the dogs,” she says. “The one dog was in a crate and the other was
dead, sprawled across the seat.”

The owners of both dogs
say they left their animals with a friend to watch while they were at work.

Best says the dogs had
been left in the car for several hours.

The temperature was nearly 90 degrees at the time.  Best discovered the dogs in the car jimmied a door open to get the dogs out.

A dog owner herself, she
says she took the surviving dog into her home until animal control officers
arrived on the scene.

“He drank probably four
bowls of water immediately, he was covered in pee.”

Animal Care & Control arrived on scene and found one dog deceased in a car. The other dog was taken to the vet for observation for heat stroke overnight.

Authorities are
investigating the incident. No arrests were made and
no word yet on any charges.

“The dogs were beautiful,
they were great dogs,” Best says. “And I feel really bad for this guy who left
his dog with a friend who couldn't take care of it.”


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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