Perly’s Restaurant Closing

RICHMOND – After serving breakfast and lunch for 50 years, Perly's Restaurant, located on East Grace Street, is closed.

On Thursday, a note placed on the door from the owner reads, “Perly's has hit a rough patch. I am hoping to sort it out but must close for now.”

Customers who stopped by during lunch time could not believe it.

“I've been eating here…I've been working downtown for 20 years…” says Tinea Alexander. “I was stopping in for a bite to eat, and saw the sign on the door. I was going to eat. They have great food. They are good people, and to come here and see the sign on the door.”

“He was very involved in the neighborhood,” says Jane Hamilton. “He helped out a lot of homeless people. Very generous. They would come in regularly. Free food and coffee for them. It's just really sad.”

After seeing this note on the door, we spoke to the owner. Gray Wyatt, who did not want to speak on camera, but says he's a struggling business owner who's trying to do the best he can. He would not say if Perly's is closed for good.

Karri Peifer, senior editor and restaurant blogger for says this area has seen a shift and it might have caused Perly's to close its doors.

“You sort of see people coming down for dinner or coming downtown for an evening out…going to first Friday's art walk,” she says. “Perly's was a lunch and breakfast, so that could have been a factor.”

However, loyal customers hope this landmark will not disappear.

“It's been here forever, and to see it close, I'm hoping the owner can open it back up,” says Wendy Riddick.


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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