Fan Safety a Top Priority for NASCAR

RICHMOND – It's the worst
case scenario for race fans, a fiery car crash and flying debris is a startling
reminder of what could happen if things go wrong.

Aimee Turner with Richmond
International Raceway says safety is one of their top priorities, even if it's
not noticeable to the fans.

“It's something that we
always think about and we're always monitoring security and safety regulations,”
she says. “We have a lot of things that we do that fans probably don't even
realize that we do to keep them safe.”

What they do have in place
are fences designed to keep cars out of the stands, and back in 2011, barriers
were installed to protect drivers from strong impacts.

Officials say the track is
constantly inspected by their staff and before races, by NASCAR.

“They inspect our facility
as far as the track surface, as far as the fencing around the track,” Turner
says. “That's something that our staff is constantly keeping up with.”

Turner says while NASCAR
did make changes to Daytona after the crash, they haven't found any need to
make any major changes to RIR.

“They are constantly
reviewing all of the track and so if there's something that needs to be done
they will tell us and we'll make sure that we're following through with that


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