8News Investigates: Charges Against RRHA Commissioner

RICHMOND – LaToya Hawks is a commissioner on Richmond's real estate arm, the RRHA, which serves 20,000 low income city residents – basically 10 percent of the population – and manages a massive tax payer funded budget.

In January 2012, she stood before City Council and was unanimously approved for her position of public service.

Acting on a tip, 8News dug into Hawks' past and the Department of Corrections gave a list of her crimes.

In 2001, there were convictions for credit card larceny and fraud and numerous probation violations.

Further back, in 1998, Hawks had a bunch of convictions for credit card larceny and forgery.

On her application to the board, Hawks does check “yes” when asked if she has ever been convicted of a felony.

“The city does know and they're the ones who appointed me to the RRHA,” she says.

8News showed her an arrest warrant from January for assault and battery of a family member. It has her name on it. A detective writes that a young girl revealed LaToya Hawks “whooped her with a belt” leaving “scars and marks on her body.”

“That has nothing to do with being on my record,” she says. “I'm not even convicted.”

But this record shows a juvenile and domestic relations court judge found her “guilty as charged” in June.

Hawks, who's RRHA bio shows she's worked at several organizations devoted to helping children such as the boys and girls club, acts as if the assault charge on a little girl isn't even a big deal.

“You all came to my house and put me on camera for that. For attacking a child with a belt leaving scars is what the detective said happened? That's not true.”

“If you have any questions when you referring this I'd rather you talk to my lawyer.”


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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