Richmond Firefighters Union Wants Chief to Step Down

– At least one person is calling for Fire Chief Robert Creecy to step down.

A stern
request from the President of Richmond Firefighters Union says his comrades had
to live in bad conditions for too long.

chief should resign over this – and you can put that on record,” Keith Andes
says. “For the betterment of this department, the chief should resign.”

An 8News
investigation last week
discovered firefighters were living with missing
ceiling tiles, a leaky roof and mold.

proof firefighters complained about these issues last year. But work orders
obtained from the department of public works showed claimed the was complete.

had been reported, public works was working on it, we were working on it and so
it was a work in progress,” says Fire Chief Robert Creecy. “I am not satisfied
that we did it as quickly as we could have but it wasn't that nobody was doing
anything about it, or nobody cared.”

were also questions about asbestos in the building.

have no indication that there would be an asbestos problem in this station,”
Creecy says. “I can't rule that out in other stations. Whenever we have found
asbestos to be a problem and it was identified, through scientific testing, we
have taken measured to abate it.”

It's been
six days since the fire fighters had to leave station 14 because of the mold.

Now that
they are back, there is a big difference.

and damaged ceiling tiles have been replaced and there are even new vents in
some places.

are going out to protect the city of  Richmond,”
Andes says. “All we want is for us to be protected at the station that we live
at. We consider it our home.”


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting
of Richmond

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