National Center for Exploited Children Helping in Alexis Murphy Case

NELSON COUNTY – The National Center for Exploited Children is now helping in the Alexis Murphy case.

The case is now on the front page of the Center's website

Alexis Murphy's picture and information aren't the only way the center is trying to help.

Resources including former detectives and investigators who have worked on similar cases are now assisting authorities in Nelson County.

Bob Lowery with the Center says cases like these need all the help they can get.

“We have to assume this child is alive and safe and we have to move fast,” he says. “You're working in the absence of crime scenes, you're working in the absence of witnesses and they're very, very difficult.”

Lowery says social media has been a huge help in finding children but has also presented challenges, considering the thousands of followers Alexis had on twitter and how much information investigators have to sift through.

“She probably didn't know most of those people so you never truly know who you're engaging with.”

But supporters have also gotten Alexis' case sent out to millions online.

 “You can get a person's information, identity out there a lot faster,” says Madonna Layne, State Director for the CUE Center for Missing Persons. “It's more helpful than say handing out flyers because you can cover a greater area.”

It will be one week since Alexis' disappearance on Saturday. Layne says time is critical.

“The more time that goes by, the more difficult it becomes, the less resources that are going to be spent on a case.”


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