Morgan Harrington’s Family Shares Experience on Alexis Murphy Case

CHARLOTTESVILLE – One family that knows what missing teen Alexis Murphy's family is going through is Morgan Harrington's.

Gil Harrington's daughter Morgan went missing back in 2009 after going to a concert in Charlottesville. Her remains were found months later on a farm miles outside of the city.

17-year-old Alexis Murphy's disappearance has brought back many memories of that tragedy as Murphy's car was found in a parking lot in Charlottesville with no signs of the teen.

Harrington is speaking out hoping Alexis is found safe.

“My heart immediately goes out to the family because I know what a horrific, anguished time it is to have a loved daughter missing,” she says. “I cannot explain to you how ugly a space of time it is. [We] want to support them, send prayers and also want to put my voice to the community to ask them to step forward. Somebody there knows something.”

State police have said the two cases are not connected.

Harrington says she's urging the public to come forward, saying no information is insignificant.

“Don't be the filter, give any information you have to the police and let them discern what's pertinent and what's not,” she says. “We need to have Alexis reunited with her family, and the longer time goes on, the more things could be happening to her, and the less probability of good results.”


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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