Moped Thefts on the Rise

RICHMOND – Gregory Kelly loves his 1979 Vespa moped — but he has a hard time keeping it in place.

It's been stolen seven times.

“I've found it at the NRC once… I've found it two blocks away…the last time it was stolen I found it a block away from here,” he says.

Richmond Police say Union Hill, Oakwood, Fulton, Church Hill and Chimborazo are being targeted.

In the last month, eight mopeds have been stolen, seven at night and one in the daytime. That's a 60 percent increase in these neighborhoods.

Police say the motive this time around is school age kids looking to sell the mopeds for cash or take them for a quick joy ride.

“We stopped a juvenile the other day who actually had a bold cutter on him that was trying to steal a moped,” says Lt. Daniel Minton, Richmond Police Department.

Kelly has taken measures to make sure his vintage moped isn't stolen again – a chain attached to a cinder block.

“I think I'm going to anchor it to the ground at some point,” he says. “A little fancy…make it like a horse tie…that's kind of boring right there…but I think that's effective for keeping it in place.”

Police say a moped is typically worth more than $200, so it's the same as stealing a car and this crime is a felony.

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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