Royal Birth Triggers Social Media Scams

With the new royal baby
making his debut this week, the Better Business Bureau warns people that
scammers could be attempting to take advantage of the public's eagerness to see
photos of the newborn prince.

“Any time there's a major
news event, we find that scammers are just looking for that opportunity,” says Senior
Vice President  Barbara Homiller.

Homiller says a new scam
is popping up on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter along with your
email. All promising pictures and video of the just born royal baby.

“What you would normally
see on Facebook is a posting from a friend saying, ‘I have exclusive video of
the new prince' and you can click here to see it.  You would be taken to a third party website,”
Homiller says.

Those third party websites
are a red flag right away. Instead of seeing pictures of Prince William, Duchess
Kate and their little one, you get a message on your screen asking you to
download a video player.

of up uploading an update to their video player, they're downloading a virus on
their computer,” Homiller says. “A virus that's designed to capture their
personal information — including banking information, and send it back to the

She also says when
searching online, be aware of keywords such as “exclusive,” “sensational,”
or shocking.” Those words are meant to get your attention and not always
in the best way.

So far, there's no word on
the amount of people that have been scammed because many times you won't know
when a virus has been downloaded until it's too late. You can protect yourself
by running a virus scanning program.


If you have been targeted
— notify the Better Business Bureau at (804) 648-0016.

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