RGIII Makes One Woman’s Dream Come True

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It was a record breaking day at the opening of the Washington Redskins training camp in Richmond.

Many fans waited hours to see some of their favorite players including one woman from Midlothian. She says today is a day she'll never forget.

Viktoria Knowles loves the Washington Redskins and she's crazy about Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Thursday evening, while waiting with other adoring fans, Griffin unexpectedly appeared. Before they knew it, RGIII walked over and Viktoria had one question.

“Robert will you hold my baby please?” Viktoria Knowles asked.

That simple request from this Midlothian mother turned into a dream come true.

“I didn't think this would happen,” Knowles says.

The football star took her daughter Naomi in his arms and posed for a picture.

“I just was so excited I couldn't wait to tell my husband,” Knowles says.

Naomi was excited to see RGIII and other players too.

“Cause they're pretty,” the little girl said.

And although Viktoria plans to come to camp again this year, she says what happened tonight is unforgettable.

“I don't know if we'll be able to beat this but we'll be back.”

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