Feral Cats Terrorize Chesterfield Neighborhood

Chesterfield neighbors are saying feral cats are taking over the neighborhood.

It's happening near the Villages of Long Meadow.

“They're just everywhere,” says neighbor Joshua Stanley. “You walk outside and like seven cats shoot out from underneath your car.”

8News checked out the problem after neighbors called the station on Tuesday.

“I would say anywhere from five to eight cats in the street. They'll sit on your trash cans, sit on your cars, under your cars, you'll hear them fighting,” Stanley says.

But neighbors say there's dozens more.

They say the cats' home base has been vacant for about a month but an open garage door makes an easy home for the stray animals.

“There's actually different packs of cats,” says neighbor Shannon Keller.  “One lives in the garage, one lives behind the house. “We've tried calling the appropriate authorities, Chesterfield County Animal Control and all that, but we're told there's nothing they can do.”

At 8News' request, Chesterfield Animal Control checked everything out Tuesday evening, but they say because there are no leash laws for cats, they can't do much.

8News: “So if this was a pack of stray dogs, you guys could step in and do something?”

Chesterfield Animal Control: “We would have the full authority of the law to handle that.”

The best way to get rid of the animals is to not feed them. And it's essentially up to the neighbors to get them spayed and neutered.

8News also contacted the County Planning Commission earlier in the week, who say they passed along the issue to the responsible party.

But just yesterday a neighbor was bit.

“We have to do this all ourselves, so she was out trying to get one, and the cats are becoming aggressive because of lack of food and water and she reached down to get one and it bit her on the finger.”

With the garage door now closed, neighbors say the cats are roaming through the area more than ever. They walk right up to trash cans, people's front doors and even 8News' equipment.

Neighbors say what worries them most is how they approach people with no problem.

For now an issue they're dealing with one by one is trying to get the youngest of the group their shots and hopefully new homes.

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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