Barrier Safety Concerns After James River Crash

Three cars have run off the dock near Rockett's Landing and into the James River within the last two years.

The latest incident was Tuesday night.

Witnesses say a man drove a Honda between a narrow space and plunged into the river. That man's body was found this morning.

People in the area say there should be more barriers.

Witnesses say a four door Honda Accord squeezed through a barrier and the driver never made it out.

“I just couldn't see how the car got between those two barriers like that,” says Adrianne Carter. “Every day. I bring my kids down here to fish every day. I just thank God that my son wasn't down here when it happened.”

Fire and rescue has not confirmed the exact cause of the crash, but there have been at least two other recent incidents.

In January of 2012, a car drove into the water at Dock and Pear streets. That driver died.

And then just three months later in April 2012, a similar scene on water street. The driver survived.

“Once it happens you scratch your head, but then you see it start to happen multiple times so  maybe there's something we can do about it. ” says Richmond Fire Lt. Robbie Hagaman.

Flatheads Restaurant owner Benita Johnson saw what happened.

“I just looked up and we kind of saw a car going through the air.”

Johnson says she spoke with a city employee today about more barriers.

“The city has been very cooperative with us for the business in the past, and we believe that they will put some out here to help keep that from happening,” she says.

8News contacted the Department of Public Works about the possibility of more barriers in the area. They said the area will be surveyed and measurements will be taken to determine if any additional barrieres are needed.

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