Proposed Plans for Free Standing Children’s Hospital in Richmond

RICHMOND, VA – Towanda Bagley talks about her hopes to one day take her 10-year-old to a free-standing children's hospital. Her son recently had a heart and kidney transplant at the children's hospital at VCU, but that facility is currently divided between buildings which are situated at least a block from one another.

“I think if everything was in one facility, it would be a lot more economical and helpful,” Bagley says. “Today, we had to go to the Children's Pavilion and no wheelchairs and trying to get him from that point to the next building was hard.”

Numerous VCU doctors and medical staff have rallied behind a move to build one facility dedicated solely to children and their needs.

“If parents are able to come to one place to get most — if not all — of the care a child needs, it's more convenient for the family and comfortable for the child,” says Leslie Wyatt, Children's Hospital at VCU Executive Director.

Not only that — a single, free-standing facility would allow more kids to be helped. And that would benefit the entire community.

“By consolidating services and bringing everyone together, you gain great efficiencies, opportunities to recruit the best talent in doctors, nurses, therapists,” Wyatt says. “And you become a destination and of course, you can serve more children.

There's no word on how much the hospital could cost but officials hope to construct it in Richmond. Community meetings will be held in the future.

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