Furloughs Causing Traffic Delays at Fort Lee

Some workers at Fort Lee say the time it takes to get on base has tripled, because of mandatory furloughs.

Word about furloughs has been the talk around town for months, but now, drivers at fort lee are finally seeing the consequences.

Of the seven access points on base, only two gates are now open 24-7 – the one on Sisisky and the Jackson Circle Gate.

Businesses around town are feeling the pinch as well.

The Papa Johns off Oaklawn has seen a decrease in carry-outs and the general manager has to schedule extra drivers to handle an increase in delivery requests.

“This week, it's been 20 to 25 minutes because the line has been all the way up to 36,” says Papa Johns worker Cindy Miller. “People don't want to leave the base to come in because it takes so long to get back on the base.”

People are also expressing their frustration on the “Fort Lee Traveller” Facebook page.

One person said. “It used to take maybe two minutes to get to Kenner from Jackson Circle, now it takes almost a half an hour.”

Another person wrote “It took my husband almost 2 hours to get to work this morning from Jackson Circle.”

The base says the times with the biggest back-ups are Friday mornings and lunch time and folks should consider car-pooling or maybe staying on base for lunch, but these folks want things to go back to business as usual.

“If they consider opening them back up, that would be great, we would love it” Miller says.

These traffic back-ups could continue until September, when the Department of Defense says the furloughs will end.

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