8News Viewer Buys Local Family New AC Unit

RICHMOND, VA—After an 8News report aired featuring a local family
suffering through a heat wave with no air conditioning
, an 8News viewer stepped
in to help.

“It feels like it's 89°F in
here, and 90 some degrees outside; that's how hot it is,” said 8News viewer Wanda
Render who doesn't have air conditioning in her home.

Render, along with her family, have been struggling all summer with AC
units that she says don't work.

“My three year old says, 'Mom it's hot, I have to go upstairs, and
it's not much cooler in my room'!” Render explained.

She and her kids, along with her parents, have been forced to resort to
fans to keep cool with summer.

But even then, she says, it just circulates warm air—until an 8News
viewer stepped in.

8News viewer Kelly Blanks said she knew she wanted to do something to
help after seeing Wednesday's story.

“Anybody, I feel upset, not having air conditioning,” said Kelly

After viewing Wednesday's story, Blanks went out and bought a new air
conditioning unit to keep the Render family cool.

“I had extra money to do it, so why not?” Blanks said. “I think if
everybody does something like that, wouldn't that make the whole world a better

Blanks asked for 8News' help to deliver the new unit to the Render

“I would like to say thank you so much,” Wanda Render said. “So
very much, thank you.”

As a single parent with a busy work schedule, Blanks wasn't able to
deliver the gift and asked 8News to step in.

“I would like to have been able to do it, but I'm glad you're able
to do it, and I'm glad it's today,” Blanks told 8News.

For the Render family, the new unit means cool air in the children's
bedroom, and a place to turn from scorching temperatures.

“It means so much that there's actually still people out there that
cares about people—it means a lot,” said Render.


Copyright 2013 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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