How to Cope Without Air Conditioning

For Wanda Render, there's no escaping scorching temperatures.

“It's extremely hot. It's ridiculous how hot it is out here, “she says. “When it's 90 some degrees outside, over 90 degrees, it's hard to cool your home.”

She's got several window air conditioning units in her house– but she says they don't work.

“It feels just as warm in here. It feels like it's 89 degrees in here and probably 90 some outside. That's how hot it is.”

Her two kids are having trouble coping with the sizzling heat inside.

“My 4-year-old came down and said, 'Momma it's hot, I gotta go upstairs. And he goes upstairs but it's not much cooler in my room.”

Her parents live under the same roof– and Render says she worries about them overheating.

“It's so hot, when my momma go from her room to the kitchen, she comes out sweating.”

They've resorted to using fans. But she says they just circulate warm air throughout the home.

“I'm standing here with the air on, ceiling fan on, and other fan, and I'm sitting here sweating. That's how hot it is in here.”

She says she's trying to work with her landlord to see if there's any other way to keep her home cool on a tight budget.

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