Lightning Blamed on Two Henrico Fires

Two fires. Both possibly started from a lightning strike. Just two minutes apart.

“It was crazy, I've never seen anything like it,” says Paula Murphy, who just had gotten home when she saw the flames at a house on Dragana Drive.

“I looked out and I see flames shooting from my neighbor's roof at least 12 feet into the air.”

Fire crews say it was a lightning bolt that lit the roof on fire.

According to Henrico Fire Spokesman Capt. James Mellon, while the homeowner was going around the house making sure his electronics were unplugged, he said his whole back yard just lit up and thought a tree had gotten struck.

45 minutes later, the homeowner noticed smoke coming from his attic.
Around that same time, fire crews say they think another lightning bolt ignited another home, just two minutes down the road on Hearthrock Court.

Crews say the home on Dragana Drive has significant damage in the attic, but so far, there's no word on the damage to the second home.

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