Firefighters Help Deliver Baby On Side Of Route 460

What could have ended very badly for a mother going into labor in Dinwiddie County Monday instead had a happy ending thanks to a couple of firefighters.

Firefighters with the Ford Fire Department said it was a quiet day until a call came in for a woman giving birth on the side of Route 460.

First responders Greg Vaughn and Benjamin Lang arrived six minutes later to find a woman giving birth in a van with the help of her mother.

“I walked up to the passenger side and seen the baby was already half way out. Grandma was in the back, helping deliver the child,” said Vaughn.

Lang said both mother and grandmother were surprisingly calm as the baby was delivered.

“We dried the baby off, gave her oxygen. Cleaned the cord, cut the cord and awaited for EMS to arrive in an ambulance,” said Lang.

Both firefighters said they have been trained for this situation, but they didn't think they would have to use their training on the side of the road.

“This is definitely one of the better days, to see someone come into the world. We're usually there when all the bad things are happening. To see good things, it's definitely a good day.”

Mother and child remain anonymous, but we are told both were doing fine as they were transported to a local hospital.

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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