Calls For Action Mark 6 Months Since Newtown

(AP) — Six months after the Newtown school shooting, the tragedy will
be marked with a moment of silence, the reading of thousands of names
of gun violence victims and calls around the country to pass legislation
expanding background checks for gun purchases.

members, elected officials and other leaders will gather in Newtown
Friday for a day of remembrance and a call to action. The reading of
names is expected to take 12 hours.

Against Illegal Guns will launch a bus tour that will travel to 25
states over 100 days to build support for background checks legislation.
Legislation to expand background checks for gun buyers failed in the
Senate in April.

The mayors group is also
holding events in 10 states calling for lawmakers to expand background
checks and urging senators who opposed the bill to reconsider. Those
events, which include gun violence survivors and gun owners, will be
held in Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Montana, North
Carolina, New Hampshire, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

gunman in Newtown killed his mother and then 20 children and six adults
at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14 before committing suicide as
police arrived.

Some of the victims' families are in Washington this week lobbying lawmakers for action.

York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who co-founded the mayor's group, this
week sent out a letter asking donors not to support Democratic senators
who opposed the bill to expand background checks.

the other side of the debate, the National Rifle Association is
targeting Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., who co-sponsored the bill to expand
background checks, with a TV ad urging viewers to phone Manchin's
office and tell him “to honor his commitment to the 2nd Amendment.” The
NRA plans to spend $100,000 airing the ad in West Virginia markets over
the next two weeks.

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