Candy Made From Marijuana Makes It Way To Virginia

RICHMOND, VA—Candy made out of
marijuana has made its way to Virginia.

“It looks just like a
tootsie roll or a piece of fudge, and if it's out of the wrapper, there would
be no way to know,” said Wayne Frith with Chesterfield SAFE about the drug.

They may look like
pieces of chocolate, but they're a far cry from it.

Known as Cheeba Chews,
they contain THC, or the chemical in marijuana that makes people high.

It's produced and sold
in Colorado, where it's legal, but the product
known as “pot candy” is making its way across the country and now into Virginia.

Wayne Frith with Chesterfield
SAFE says because the drugs look like candy, it can virtually be taken and
eaten anywhere. And it's become so popular, people are going to Colorado and bringing large amounts of the drug back to Virginia.

“I'm receiving calls
from all over the commonwealth
of Virginia, people
telling me that their communities have encountered this product,” said Frith.

Frith says perhaps the
biggest concern is young children mistaking the product for actual candy.


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond


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