Children’s Museum Of Richmond To Raffle 4 Yrs. Tuition

Richmond, VA—The
Children's Museum
of Richmond is raffling
off a very unique prize: four years of prepaid college tuition!

child will get to go to college for free… and it helps hundreds of children's
come to the museum….so its a win win, we're excited about it,” says Karen
Coltrane, CEO & President of the Children's Museum of Richmond.

Children's Museum of Richmond
has partnered with Virginia 529 to raffle off four years of
prepaid college tuition.

will guarantee for the beneficiary who will be already born and between birth
and 9th grade to be able to participate in the prepaid program, that will cover
four years of tuition and mandatory fees at any Virginia public university,”
explains Virginia 529 CEO Mary Morris.

tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, May 29, and they cost $45 each. Coltrane
says they hope to sell at least 2,000, and there is no restriction on the
amount of tickets you can buy.

had thought for a while that we would love to do something that ties into our
educational mission. We have them at the early age, early childhood…but
education never stops; we just thought that was a great alignment with our own

extra proceeds from the raffle will go directly back into the museum.

tickets are available for sale online here.

Copyright 2013 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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