Additional Dogs Seized From Lunenburg ‘Hoarding’ Situation

LUNENBURG, VA— More dogs have been removed from what an animal rescue group calls a hoarding situation in Lunenburg County.

Around 100 dogs were found to be living at the property, the Southside SPCA, a no-kill shelter, told 8News.

“Some are in the home, some are running loose on the property,” Francee Schuma with the Southside SPCA said about the animals living condition.

The Southside SPCA seized 49 female dogs and puppies earlier in the week, and removed around two dozen Friday.

“This could have easily been prevented with one spay and one neuter that is what this message is all about,” said Schuma.

The Richmond Animal League, For The Love of Animals in Goochland and Sanctuary Rescue all stepping in to care for some of the dogs, making an operation of this size possible.

Dozens of dogs could be up for adoption as early as next week after they were seized from a Lunenburg County couple's property by The Southside SPCA.

One of the female dogs gave birth via emergency c-section Monday. The dog gave birth to one puppy, and both animals are doing well, the Southside SPCA said.  

The animals continue to undergo medial evaluations and could be up for adoption as soon as May 31.

The animals were found at an elderly couple's home, when the man moved to an assisted living facility, Francee Schuma with the Southside SPCA said.

The homeowner, whose name has not been released, is cooperating with the animal group and will not be charged, the Southside SPCA said.

Around 25 dogs remain at the property; the Southside SPCA is working to remove the remaining animals.

The Southside SPCA is accepting aid in helping to help care for the dogs.

-ADOPTION APPLICATIONS may be found at The Southside SPCA's website under the “Adoptions” tab.
-ON SITE SOCIALIZATION: Please contact Susan Estes if you are interested in volunteering at the shelter to help socialize. Only adult volunteers are allowed at this time. Email: for more information.
-DONATIONS: Richmond supporters, PetSmart on CarMia Way off Midlothian Turnpike will accept and store dog food donations. Farmville supporters, Hair by Mary & Co. will also be accepting donations for the shelter. Click HERE for more information.
-MONETARY DONATIONS: Donations can be made online at The Southside SPCA's website or by mail: Southside SPCA, P.O. Box 66, Meherrin, VA 23954

More information may be found of The Southside SPCA's website.


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