Richmond, Henrico Police Join Forces To Tackle Crime

Richmond and Henrico Police are combining forces to help stamp out crime in one of the most violent areas in the Metro area.

The area in question is along the border of the city and the county in the East End.

In the past, city police have handled their side and Henrico police have patrolled their side of the border. That strategy is changing though.

“We talk all the time about 'crime doesn't know any borders' but acting on that is a completely different thing,” said Henrico Police Chief Doug Middleton. “That's what we're trying to do, is to act on that.”

“A person bent on some criminal activity doesn't look at the street sign to see if he or she is in Henrico County or in the City of Richmond,” said Richmond Police Chief Ray Tarasovic. “They see crime as crime. They see crime as opportunity.”

Middleton and Tarasovic took 8News reporter Nate Eaton along Thursday as their troops patrolled the area side-by-side, sharing information to control crime.

“The information sharing it's very valuable,” said Richmond officer Nick Stirrett. “Extremely valuable just in solving some of the issues that we have.”

Working together will ultimately help officers from both agencies get to know members of the community living on both sides of the border.

Police officials said they plan to continue joint patrols a few times per month as part of the new initiative.

Stay with 8News for updates.

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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