Parents Urged To Discuss Underage Drinking Before Summer

Chesterfield, VA—As graduations and
summer parties approach, parents are being urged to have a frank discussion
with teens about the dangers of underage drinking.

So far in 2013, police
in our area have been busy issuing dozens of underage drinking citations.

In Chesterfield, 152 have been written. Henrico
Police have written 79 citations, and 25 have been issued by Richmond Police.

As the weather gets
warmer, these numbers are expected to rise. Wayne Frith, Executive Director of
SAFE, explains,

“Drinking alcohol is
sort of a rite of passage associated with being a senior in high school.”

Although many may view
underage drinking as a rite of passage, Frith says it is a dangerous practice
that should be discouraged.

“Our love affair with
alcohol, our sort of acceptance as a culture norm is leading us down a
dangerous road.”

Experts say that in almost
every case involving underage drinking, somewhere along the way, an adult broke
the law.

“Whether they gave them
the alcohol or purchased it for them, the grown up is responsible,” Frith says.

Parents like Teresa
Summerhill are worried about teens drinking, and are taking proactive measure
to make sure their kids stay safe.

“They call me if anyone
is drinking somewhere they have to call me I come get them no matter what time
it is.” 

Experts say parents
should talk with teens and set rules. Summerhill agrees, and says the bottom
line is safety.

“You don't want your
daughter or your son to get in a car with someone whose been drinking.”

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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