Richmond School Board Votes To Close 3 Schools

RICHMOND, VA—In a surprise decision, The Richmond City School Board voted Monday to close three schools.

Clark Springs Elementary, Norrell Elementary and The Adult Career Development Center are on track to shut down this fall.

“For me, it was not that we not close schools, because I think it is important that we do,” said Richmond School Board member Mamie Taylor. “My thing was to make sure that we close the right schools.”

Just a few weeks ago, the board said it would not close any schools, but then voted Monday to close three.

“The bottom line is we have a $1 million gap to close, and we need to figure that out yesterday,” said Richmond School Board member Kristen Larson. “I think it is a really positive move; I think it will alleviate overcrowding on the south side.”

Other issues tied-up in Monday's decision include a rezoning plan. Under the new plan, students who have already received acceptance letters to the schools, will have to start over with the open enrollment process.

“I do wish we had made a decision sooner, but at this point, we haven't found a way to close the gap in our budget, so we have to make these hard decisions,” said Richmond School Board member Kim Gray.

The board voted to close the three schools, but a public hearing on this issue will be held before a final decision is made.


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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