Richmond Parents Say School Bus Arrives Late

RICHMOND, VA—Parents in Richmond are speaking out after they say their child's school bus either never arrives, or arrives very late.

“It frustrates me, and it's scary,” said Tameka Hamiel, whose son attends a Richmond City Public school.

Tameka Hamiel says she's had enough when it comes to her 6-year-old son Travis' school bus.

“The bus is not coming or if it comes, it comes after breakfast— after the school days have started,” said Hamiel.

Hamiel says the problem started three months ago when her son's school bus driver left the job, because of a death in the family.

Since then, Hamiel claims Fairfield Elementary School bus drivers have been assigned to pick up her son and 12 other children. But, Hamiel says those drivers didn't stick around, and that it's a miracle if the bus even comes.

Annette Archer, who brings her two grandchildren to the bus stop, says she's been forced to walk her grandchildren to school when the bus doesn't come, because a medical condition prevents her from driving.

“I'm 64 years old; I shouldn't be walking up that,” Annette Archer said of the bus issue.

Friday, a bus did come, but it was a different bus, not the assigned one.

8News reached out to Richmond Public Schools. The school said they are already working to fix the bus issues, and changes to four bus routes will in place Monday.

In a statement, a spokesperson adds: “We are having bus supervisors monitor drop-off activities to ensure that our students get to their assigned stops at the appropriate time.”


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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