Residents: Feral Cats Have Overrun Neighborhood

Petersburg, VA—After a concerned 8News viewer emailed us about a feral cat problem in her neighborhood, we investigated the situation.

“We have cats, 40, 50 of them at any given time,” Crystal Hall told 8News on Wednesday. During our time at the mobile home community where Crystal lives, we saw a number of cats walking in the field and around sides of houses.

One of the cats appeared seriously ill: it wasn't doing much moving, and neighbors showed us a huge gash in its side.

“This is not right, something is just not right with this cat,” Crystal said. “”It's really green and infected; it kind of looks like, a lot of his skin is gone.”

Some of the residents say they have been calling animal control for help for months.

“”I had called them, and they say they can't do anything about it, so then I called you, and then animal control showed up a couple of hours later, and said they would bring traps up and trap them.,” Crystal explained.

A spokesperson in Petersburg says there is no record the residents called for help. As we were preparing to leave, animal control showed up and took the cat with the wounds in its side. The officer told residents the cat will be dropped off at a vet.

We will continue to monitor the situation…stay with 8News for updates.

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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