Councilwoman Questions Cost Of Mayor’s Security

Richmond, VA—The
city of Richmond
spends nearly a half-million dollars on Mayor Dwight Jones' security staff.
Now, several City Council members are speaking up, saying that cost is too

“If you need security
then hire an outside security and pay for it out of your own pocket.” This was the
message Councilwoman Reva Trammell had for the Mayor when 8News spoke with her about
the $400,000 security detail.

She continued, “There
are people that can't make ends meet, there are people that can not even feed
themselves and we're taking $400,000 of taxpayer money for security?”

Since Jones took office
in 2009, the Richmond Police Department has provided full-time officers as his
security. His predecessor, Doug Wilder, also had police personnel on staff. In
fact, Jones cut some of the security detail when he took office.

But Trammell says it was
not enough.

“You don't need it. Not
in Richmond…maybe
back in 1995 you did, but this is 2013.”

Trammell is proposing
that $100,000 be cut from Jones' security budget, and several members of the
council support her recommendation.

They cite other Virginia cities—like Norfolk, Virginia
Beach and Fairfax—whose mayors have no security officers.

Trammel offers a firm piece
of advice:  “If you're afraid of Richmond, then step down.
You need to step down. It's not fair to the taxpayers in Richmond.”

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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