Richmond Drivers Surprised By “20 Foot Rule” Tickets

Richmond, VA—A
little-known rule is taking many Richmond
drivers by surprise; some Fan residents are outraged, after receiving tickets
for a violation they didn't know existed.

Bonnie Predd is the latest of her neighbors to receive a
ticket; her violation? Parking on a crosswalk or within 20 feet of a
crosswalk/alley intersection.

“I came across the street
to my car and suddenly I found a ticket, thinking what in the name have I done

Bonnie says a handful of
her neighbors got the same ticket over the past few weeks, and many of them are
shocked to learn that they have parked in violation of a City of Richmond parking

“I was in shock,
needless to say, I've been parking up and down this street for as long as I've
been here which is a little over a year.”

The 20 foot rule has
been in place in the City of Richmond
for quite some time, according to Councilman Samuels. However, the Councilman
told 8News that they have an agreement with police not to ticket anyone for
this violation, because it would eliminate around 2,000 parking sports across
the city.

Predd and others say
they biggest problem with the newly-enforced rule is lack of notice. She says
along her street, there are no parking signs directing drivers to stay 20 feet

“I think they
oughta at least post it or let us know somehow, rather than drop tickets on

When we inquired with
the City of Richmond
about who was actually issuing the tickets, we did not receive a clear

We will continue to
investigate this situation…stay with 8News for updates.

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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