Ashland Student Brings Knife To Middle School

Hanover, VA—An Ashland middle
school student is facing charges, after she allegedly brought a knife to
school. Some parents are upset about the way they say the school handled the situation.

to multiple sources, a sixth-grade Liberty
Middle School student
came to school with a steak knife concealed in her back pack last week. Concerned
parents called the incident “scary.”

“We are a country school, it is scary that
this happens even at our school,” says Sherry Beck, who has two children that
attend Liberty Middle.

is upset about the incident in general, but says she is particularly angry that
she had to learn of it through a friend. She says school administrators never
notified her of the incident.

I kept waiting. I waited
a week almost to get a letter from the school advising us that this happened.
Never got anything,” she says.

8News contacted Hanover School System concerning the incident, they told us
that parents of student in the class where the incident took place were
notified. But parents like Beck feel that that was not enough.

Beck says, “I really feel that every parent has a right to know when something
like this happens.”

Hanover County Schools spokesperson told 8News that no students were ever in
any danger, and the girl who brought the knife was disciplines.

child has been charged with a misdemeanor weapons violation.

hopes that no incident like this ever takes place at the school again. And if
it does, she wants to be notified immediately.

a parent and the school there has to be a sense of trust.”

Copyright 2013 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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