Chesterfield 911 Outage Raises Concerns

Chesterfield, VA–On the evening of April 16, Chesterfield County's emergency 911 phone line experienced a break in service; callers heard a busy signal, and sometimes, got no answer at all. 8News asked officials what caused the problem, and if it could happen again.

911 service was down for about one hour Tuesday evening. Emergency Communications Director Richard Troshak said an equipment upgrade caused the interruption in service.

“Our 9-1-1 equipment vendor was doing some software enhancements. During the upgrade we noticed some intermittent issues so we initiated a backup procedure and notified the media.”

An alternative number was released to the media during the interruption, and that staff followed up on any calls made to the 911 line while it was down.

“As we got information on calls that could have came in, we got in contact by calling those folks back to see if there was a problem and if we couldn't get an answer we dispatched police to their location to check on them. “

The phone line failure didn't cause any serious problems, Troshak believes, and the community should not worry about this type of problem occurring again in the future.

“This was an isolated incident, in the 5 years I've been working here this is the first equipment problem that's effected our capabilities.”

If those living in Chesterfield cannot reach emergency personnel by dialing 911 for any reason, please call the alternate number, 804-748-1251.

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond


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