Mothers Say Mob Attacked Their Sons In Richmond

RICHMOND, VA—Two young men are recovering after being beaten by a mob.

The victim's mothers spoke exclusively with 8News, saying their sons did nothing wrong and called the attack senseless.

It happened a few weeks ago, as the men were walking near Clay Street and Harrison Street. The victims were approached by a mob of guys they didn't know, and things turned violent.

“I found my son bloody face—his left eye from the tip of his eye to the middle was wide open,” the mother of one of the victims told 8News.

The victims, both 20-years-old and students at Virginia State University, had gone to a party in Richmond. When they left, they say a group of guys chased and jumped them.

“They get jealous or whatever cause my son, he dresses nice; he's a nice looking boy,” said the mother of one of the victims.

One boy was injured so badly an ambulance had to rush him to the hospital.

“The plastic surgeon did ask him what he was hit with, cause there's no way a fist did that— either they kicked you or hit you with something,” said the boy's mother.

The two Prince George County mothers say they're concerned the attack may have been gang related, even though they say their sons have nothing to do with gangs.

“It just really hurts me to know he can't go out and have a good time without getting beat jumped on,” said one mother.

The victims, who didn't want to speak on camera, tell 8News they have no idea why they were attacked and insist they did nothing wrong.

Richmond Police are investigating the attack.

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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