Richmond Schools Tackle Truancy Door-To-Door

RICHMOND, VA—A new campaign at Richmond City Schools is aimed at boosting attendance, and it beings outside of the classroom.

“We need students in school every day, because there's a direct correlation between attendance and academic achievement,” said Angela Jones with the Richmond City Public School District's Office of Dropout Prevention, Safe and Nurturing Schools

The RPS Dropout Prevention Team is determined to keep students in school, so much so that it's going door to door, tackling truancy where it starts.

“Everyday outside of school is a day that we lose progress academically; it's one step away from graduating on time,” said Jones.

Jones says every day counts started in February, targeting homes with elementary students who've missed 10 or more days of school.

The district's truancy rate dropped from 26% to 8% over the past nine years, but getting parents on board cant help lower the rate even more.

Jones stresses parents who get a house call aren't in trouble, the school is just trying to share an important message about giving kids a chance to get a better education, leading to a better community.

The Dropout Prevention team canvassed the Hillside Court neighborhood Thursday.

Upcoming school neighborhoods scheduled for canvassing include George Mason, Oak Grove, and Summer Hill.


Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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