Sexual Predators Exploit Apps To Target Kids

RICHMOND, VA—A warning for parents tonight—sexual predators are using mobile apps to prey on children.

GYPO and LMIRL may not mean anything to parents, but the coded language could spell danger for teens.

The acronym GYPO stands for Get Your Pants Off, and LMIRL stands for let's meet in real life.

Sexting is only one concern, according to Ashlee Roberts with Prevent Child Abuse Virginia.

Apps like Snapchat all users to send pictures to one another and claim they'll disappear forever, but Roberts says that's not always the case.

“They can take a snapshot of that picture, and then it doesn't really disappear after 10 seconds—that person can look at it forever,” say Roberts.

Louisa County Commonwealth Attorney Rusty McGuire, who prosecuted a sexual predator who had been using apps, says the app Instagram is even more dangerous, because the photos are geotagged.

MGguire says if you wouldn't let your child have a computer in their room, then it makes no sense to allow them to have a smart phone with apps like Smartchat and Instagram.

For more information on how to protect you children visit Prevent Child Abuse Virginia.


Copyright 2012 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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