Are You Suffering From Allergies Or A Cold?

Richmond, VA—It can be difficult to
determine whether a case of the sniffles and congestion are the result of
allergies or a cold. Local doctors offer advice on telling the difference, and
how to best treat either malady.

transition happens every years during the first few weeks of March, as cold and
flu season winds down and allergy season begins. Doctor Patrick Woodward says
that during this time of year, a mix of patients is battling either a cold or

Some symptoms point
directly to a cold, while others usually mean allergies: “If they've
got  sneezing, it's allergy, if they've
got congestion and coughing and aching then a lot of time it's end of the
winter colds,” advises Dr. Woodward.

also warns that the sneezing will probably increase, as allergy season is just

“Even though we
haven't seen all the pollen on the cars and green dust and stuff, pollen counts
are really spiking now from the trees.”

If someone can't tell if
they are suffering from a cold or allergies, a trip to the doctor can help
clear up any confusion. Doctor Woodward says, generally, over-the-counter
medicines can offer relief.

lot of symptoms and the way we treat them overlap between colds and allergies;
anti-histamines like Clairtin, Allegra, Zertac, Benedryl will help to control
congestion in either one. Some decongestants like Sudafed if you have a runny
nose will also help.”

Copyright 2013 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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