Louisa Bloodhounds Train To Find Missing People

Louisa, VA—Louisa County Sheriff's
Department is renowned in the state for its use of bloodhounds. The canines
hone their skills in a week-long training session which helps prepare them to
find missing people.

Lt. Patrick Sheridan
explains how the dogs track down individuals. “They're looking for human scent
— each individual human scent is unique as a fingerprint.”

The dogs begin their
search with a “scent article,” an object or smell from the person it needs to
find. Once the scent is learned, the dogs focus their attention on finding the
missing individual.

Lt. Sheridan says a dog's
temperament is an important factor in determining whether they will be a good
fit for the job.

“You want a dog that's
environmentally sound, not scared of noises in the city but also very friendly,
outgoing because a lot of times they are searching for lost child, adults with
mental issues.”

The training course in
Louisa is laid out hours before the dogs arrive. The animals navigate through
busy streets and neighborhoods, and deal with factors that may have moved the
missing person's smell, such as wind.

The trails are essential
to the careers of the bloodhounds, by helping to keep their skills in the best
possible condition.

“The trails will
progressively get longer and they'll get older in age so we can make sure the
dogs are proficient in working different age trails and different environments,”
says Lt. Sheridan.

For more information on
the Louisa County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit, please visit here.

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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